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Whatever you do for others will only return to you in a different and perhaps more generous form.

That's secondary, though. Your intent to do good will win you karmic brownie points, and you never know when that will come in handy.

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With the lunar nodes in Leo and Aquarius, you will enjoy everything you do even more, no matter why or for whom you do it. The sun and Venus in Capricorn give you extra authority in career and public realms.

Pluto and the Creative Arts

Make great progress here. Mars is retrograde from March into July, starting in Aquarius and ending in Capricorn. You may rethink some lines of action, but by the end you'll be well organized and eager to move ahead. Saturn is home in early Capricorn all year long. Rash decisions or social missteps should be few and far between.

Make great practical use of every single day. XXL - Track, breathes through the entire length very calm and deep, relaxing music in the best sense.

Avoid passive dependence on astrology

Relaxed and meditative atmosphere with Far Eastern Chinese and Japanese influences. Smooth gliding, no beats. Relaxing forest atmosphere combined with flowing, soft pads. Perfect for meditation and relaxing sound installations.

The floating sound pads tend to be in the foreground in this mix. Switch to German. Cart 0 Items.

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Waveform will be available soon! Login to Create a Playlist. Consistent New Age track, no groove, no beats, but large pads, isolated female voice, choir in the background, very pleasant Play Stop. PRO :. Reluctant is the word of the day. I hide behind 50 journals I have proudly Every morning I pass her.

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On the corner of La Tijera and Manchester wondering how those coordinates dare find her. How many children does she There are many roads leading to your personal truth Welcome to my boulevard of spiritual, astrological and lyrical exploration! October Forecast Intense.

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