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It is precisely the hidden secret, a deep sense of loneliness that comes from emotional disagreement with the people around them. Sometimes they do not know how to approach them, but emotions they feel are not the same as in other people, which is why they create feelings of isolation. They are happiest in relationships that are based on solid friendship. They do not like dramatic outbursts of intense emotions because they do not understand them and do not know how to react to them.

Do not hurry, do not try to make certain moves on people born on February 17th, because they need a lot of space in connection with them, and if they feel you are tossing it, they will run away. The Aquarius is one of the best communicators among the Zodiac signs.

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Their quick mind can easily process new data and love to share the information they gather most with others. They can be very stubborn about their beliefs and opinions, but they will rarely argue for them.

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The happiest are relationships that are based on solid friendship. Therefore, first of all, be a friend, and then a partner. Show interest in his world and share your world with him. It will bring happiness and pleasure into the both worlds. Keep in mind that the Aquarius needs a lot of freedom because it will feel most comfortable in this case. Aquarius in every situation tries to be special and original. In most cases, they have some creative talent that allows them to deal with art or some other interest that does not fit into frames and which allows them to have flexible working hours.

They do not like any restrictions or prohibitions, and often enter into conflicts with authorities. They are intelligent and always ahead of their time, which is why they sometimes turn out to be eccentric. They are characterized by their harshness, perseverance and stubbornness, thanks to which they succeed in achieving the set goals. Ideal interests for all Aquarius born on February 17th are computer programmer, computer scientist, mathematician, aviator, astronomer, inventor, artist, musician, fashion designer, social worker, painter, graphic designer.

Jobs that are least suitable for them are administrator, cashier, and banker. They simply feel locked when they have the same routine every day and when others expect them to behave a certain way. This is why choosing the right career is highly important and can be crucial for their development.

People who are born on February 17th all have few things in common, besides their characteristics. People who are born on the February 17 th all have the same lucky numbers and they are 8, 7, 25, 18 and Birthstone of the people born on February 17 th are the Amber and Amethyst stone. These stones are symbols of relaxation and balance, but also royalty. Flowers that characterize this person are the Chrysanthemum flower and the Orchid flower. They are symbols of elegance and fertility but also curiosity and innovation. Symbolic metals are Platinum and Aluminum which represent power, strength and prestige.

Lucky colors are green-blue and navy blue and grey. These colors symbolize maternity, fertility, balance and conservative behavior. In , the Revolutionary Party led by Vemid Tanoma Kitiakorna carried out a military coup and took over power in Thailand. The parliament, the dissolved government and the suspended constitution were abolished. Mikki Donaldson 4 Comments. It is not even that you prefer to be a loner.

You like being by yourself. People with a February 17 birthday are private and expect people to respect your wishes. Call before you come as intrusive people are turn-offs for Aquarians. It is because, Aquarius, you get in a mood and suddenly, your word becomes questionable. As your birthday horoscope profile shows, you become rebellious, hurtful and angry, almost to the point of doing physical harm to someone. If not this, then you are keeping to yourself.

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You do not answer phone calls or return messages. February 17 Aquarius , you can be stubborn and sometimes, you are just unstable. You need not act on your impulses all the time. It is in you. Be strong. Because of this, you do not make friends right away, or at least any real friends.

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You want them to shed their quandaries but will not allow yourself to be seen as human. On the surface, many that seek your companionship are willing participants in the dating game until they find out that you value your freedom more than you appreciate them. Aquarians born on February 17 are usually best compatible with someone much like themselves. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. You are mirroring so, figuring out where your weakness is or where your strengths are, is easy.

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On the other side, Aquarius, you are a do-gooder. The Aquarius birthday analysis for those born on February 17 shows you are proud humanitarians. You will do something beneficial that will change the conditions of people for the better. You know how to get down to the root of a problem, hear both sides and draw your conclusion before making a decision.

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Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Some of your efforts may be idiosyncratic so expect a negative response or two. That is when you pull your pants up and dig deeper. People should respect your hard honesty. After all, you get the job done. The February 17 birthday person is full of ideas, and your results are prosperous.

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What is wonderful about you Aquarius is that you are intelligent, rational, and down-to-earth. Those born on this day are Aquarians that can be trusted. You are always looking for new ways to make money. You have a progressive way of thinking. Aquarians are sophisticated people. As the February birthday zodiac sign , you will be driven like the wind. Some people never change how their surroundings look. Not you, Aquarians live for a change.

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You also have a flair that is different from most of ours. It is a drastic change from shopping at Gap. You have invented your style, which shows your personality off. You love to mix and match the oddest of things.

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