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Taurus, Biweekly Tarot Reading January 7,20,2018 Someone From The Past Is Serious!!!

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K D Edwards. The Witches' Oracle: Contains 42 divinatory cards and guidebook. Sally Morningstar. The Sacred Geometry of Relationships Oracle.

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Best Sellers in Tarot. THAT is the kind of love connection available to you in January. If you're already in a relationship, then it's possible you and your sweetheart will begin building a family together. Baby news can definitely be on the way or at least a plan of action that you and your partner are determined to put forth, so you can achieve this family goal together.

Speaking of family, your domestic life will be amazing in January!

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Venus will move through your home sector from January 7 through February 3, bringing peace and harmony in all corners of your family life. Not only will you feel happier than ever in your current living situation, but there is likely to be a genuine lucky break from a relative near January 22 when Venus and Jupiter embrace. If this blessing isn't about a family situation, then it might very well be a spectacular real estate opportunity that will make you substantial money.

There's a lesson to learn and you may have to allow the process to unfold. What you have experienced, you learn from. You will find a way to overcome the problem but it will require you to put an effort. Sagittarius, you have what it takes to make more money and improve your financial picture.

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You might in the middle of making plans and need to verify that things work for everyone. You could feel that someone has been treated unfairly and want to see the situation set straight. Today, things are in a state of progression moving from one situation and another gathering the knowledge you need for now, but you will also benefit from what you gain now in the future. Aquarius, your decisions in life can make life run smoothly for you, and you are motivated to get started as soon as possible. You could be deciding between something you feel really passionate about and safety.

With your desire to succeed, life can turn in an amazing direction soon. You are a powerful person. Fresh starts aren't foreign to you. You might try something without seeing where you are headed.

Good news is that you learn from your mistakes and begin again. Follow Us. Sign in. Aria Gmitter. Zodiac January 7, Today's a wonderful start to an amazing week.